Artist of the Month: Andy Bracey

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Hi Andy! What inspires your work as an artist?

Nature, I guess, the world around us, in particular the Sea. I realise that somehow I've used the camera's limitations to generate an unusual view of the world. Well at least that has somehow become the aim.

What medium do you like working with best, and why?

The only kind of photography I know is digital ...... as a kid I used to take a little plastic film camera on holiday as we all did! With digital it’s a different world, you can take an image, instantly review it on the camera back and take another (better!) one straight away. Bingo!

How long have you been an artist for?

I first picked up a camera in 2010. I had moved down to the coast from London and a career in senior corporate management, and needed something to give me motivation to go out and explore my new home in Hampshire. A camera seemed a good idea and I took Canon for his first walk here in Lee on Solent in February 2010.

What do you like best about having your work with us at SOTA?

All my business experience has taught me is that the most important thing is to choose the people you work with very carefully. I like working with Steak of the Art because of the people - every time I've been to Steak of the Art I've come away buzzing.  People are enthusiastic, energetic, focused and able. My type of people.

And our most important do you like your steak?!

Large smile

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